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Join us as we become the online/mobile source for helping people like you—in all life stages, events and life situations—to find the top professionals in every category—health, wellness, legal, financial and lifestyle.

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Everything changes

For people who previously had no SINGLE, credible and trusted source for finding the best professional they need.


Everything changes

Choosing just the right professional service can be a daunting experience especially if you’re new to the area or relocating within he area. That’s why GPROS offers you free concierge service that you can count on and trust. Our service is free for you and the professional, so our referral will be unbiased and in your best interest.


GPROSplus™ Changes Everything

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    GPROSplus™ is your trusted, free online source to find just the right professional for you, your family, or your friend may need. Your information will remain private, confidential, and will never be sold to other listings.
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    With our concierge service we can search by distance, zip code, practice, history and specialty to find just the right professional for your needs and schedule you an appointment if you like.
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    We research the best option(s) based on your description of services needed and secure an appointment for you or email you the information to view later or even share with family or friends as a referral.
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    The 800# number is a direct line to a GPROSplus™ representatives if you wish to speak directly with us regarding your needs, these conversations are personal, confidential and free as well. If you prefer to email us and we will respond immediately


Health + Wellness

• General Medical Practices

• Specialty Medical Practices

• Surgeons

• General Dental Practices

• Specialty Dental Practices

• Chiropractic Care

• Veterinarian Practices

• Mental Health Practices

Financial/Legal Services

• Personal Injury

• Family/Divorce/Child Custody/Alimony

• Bankruptcy/Foreclosures/IRS

• Criminal/Trial

• Immigration

• Real Estate

• Corporate

• General Accountants

• CPAs

• Financial Advisors

Lifestyle/Life Events/Business

• Dieticians

• Nutritionist

• Personal Fitness

• Life Coaches

• Realtors/Corporate/Home

• Travel Agents

• Wedding Planners

• Corporate Event Planners

Concierge Service

Consistently better than a Google search or personal referral.

Welcome to GPROSplus™ Free Professional Concierge Service.

It’s free for you and the professional we refer you to!


We are committed to providing quality professional referrals and excellent customer service.

You can count on us.

Our goal, is to make sure we refer just the right professional and follow up with you to make sure your experience is what you would expect.


To further your confidence and trust in GPROSplus™, we do not share any of your information to anyone.


Our referrals are Free, Personal + Confidential to you and the professionals we serve.


We do all the research for you,
and provide our top rated referral options the same day.

It’s that simple.

GPROSplus™ may receive patient names and individual identifiable health information. In strict adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and Privacy Act of 1974, GPROSplus™ protects the rights of the individuals whose information has been provided and has secured the individual’s expressed consent herein as release to use this information in with medical practitioners in order to make a medical referral.

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never have fewer than four feet…

The doctor of the future will no longer treat with drugs, but will cure with nutrition…

I told the doctor I broke

my leg in two places…

He told me to quit going

to those places…

Everyone wants to say

they hate lawyers,

and yet I've never met

a parent who didn't

want their kid

to be a lawyer…

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